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Probate for Personal Injury Matters

Attorney Hinson has recently presented to personal injury, wrongful death and medical malpractice attorneys regarding the impacts of probate and guardianships on their practice.  If you are an attorney who has questions regarding these issues, please reach out to our office and schedule a time to speak with Attorney Hinson.


If you are in need of an appointment, please call our office at (904) 527-1700.

Urgent Matters

If you have an urgent matter, please also email attorney Hinson at:  Matt@HinsonLawPA.com  

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Probate & Guardianship for Personal Injury/Wrongful Death/Medical Malpractice Cases

Probate Administration / Litigation   

Guardianship Administration / Litigation

Estate Planning

Landlord / Tenant Disputes    

Personal Injury

General Civil Litigation

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